Welcome or Habari …

People often comment on the vibrancy of the colours in Habari. This is our signature – the world is full of colour – you will not find lots of black here!

When you visit you will undoubtedly love the handmade jewellery sourced locally, where possible by skilled craftsmen. We only sell unique pieces and we keep the price points as low as possible. This gives you a good deal, keeps stock fresh

as it moves quickly and is more satisfying for us. We love what we do and want to see people returning because they are so happy with what they’ve previously bought. We also stock quirky and quality hats made by a local supplier as well as silk and wool scarves that have been hand dyed using natural resources – leaves and berries. We are constantly looking for new and exciting items to stock meaning that we’re constantly evolving.

Our handbags range from earthy carpet bags to pretty crocheted bags to Italian colourful leather bags. We strive to seek out unique and stylish accessories that can be offered at a fair price.